Apple rolls out new AirTag safety guide


In light of the recent inappropriate use of Apple’s AirTags the Cupertino-based company has shared a new resource page on how individuals can stay safe with the technology.


Those who are concerned about the tracking device and how it could be used for harassment, stalking or abuse can view the Personal Safety User Guide which can be found on Apple’s official website. The content contains a search tool, a table of contents and can be downloaded as a PDF.

The guide reveals the safety measures integrated into the tracking device, as well as a new section that shows recent stories on how people were tracked by AirTags without their permission. It has useful tips not just for Apple users but for the public in general. Some notable inclusions are how to set up two factor authentication, manage privacy settings, avoid fraud requests and block unknown sign-ins.

Apple recommends bookmarking the page as it will be constantly updated.

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