Apple rolls out new promo video ‘The Mosquito Coast’


A new YouTube video highlighting the Apple TV+ show ‘The Mosquito Coast’ has been added to Apple’s official channel.

The Mosquito Coast

The video, titled ‘The Mosquito Coast- Inside The Episode ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’ takes the viewer inside a peek on how the cast of the show had to endure difficulties while filming in Mexico.

‘The Mosquito Coast’ tells the story of an American family traveling to Central America through the Southwest. For realism, the crew and cast traveled to several locations in Mexico to make the footage more intense compared to typical sound stages.

While filming the third episode, the cast had to be constantly thirsty, slept on a bus and ate cactus fruit. Each of them recalled a difficult experience in terms of the environment, the ongoing pandemic and the shooting.

‘The Mosquito Coast’ stars Justin Theroux, Logan Polish, Melissa George and Gabriel Bateman. It’s available to watch on Apple TV+.


Samantha Wiley

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