Apple rolls out refreshed iCloud website

The website has been refreshed with a new design after spending some time in beta.

The iCloud page now features tiles spaces for your profile, as well as your most-used Apps such as iCloud Drive, Mail, Photos, Notes, and Calendar. Furthermore, there are options to add apps such as Keynote, Numbers, Find My, and Keynote, among others.

iCloud Website

iCloud users can customize their account layout and choose which apps they wish to have on the front page. The tiles are similar to widgets in that they can be removed or accessed on the iCloud home screen. The bottom section is dedicated to pertinent iCloud information, such as usage and storage plan, as well as tools to help recover recently-deleted files from apps and the iCloud Drive.

The reason for the refresh might be to update the menu and make it more user-friendly. Subscribers will also be able to see more information at a glance.