Apple is working on a new material for its smartwatch to be released in 2022, according to Bloomberg. The company will release a new rugged extreme sports model which will likely be less delicate compared to the current generation models. It will reportedly be aimed specifically at hikers, athletes, and generally people who go out in extreme weather conditions.

Apple to launch rugged smartwatch in 2022

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple reportedly considered releasing the rugged edition of the Apple Watch in 2021. However, it now appears that the company is planning to release the rugged version of its smartwatch next year i.e 2022. It is reportedly the second time that such a product is being envisioned, it was previously considered but never made it to the markets.

Increased demand for more sturdy smartwatches

The report by Bloomberg adds that smartwatch makers like Casio have seen an uptick in sales of their rugged offerings. The rugged smartwatches tend to be more sturdy in nature and offer more extra protection against falls or just plainly reduce the chances of the product breaking. The current offerings from Apple are indeed popular with sportspersons but having a dedicated smartwatch for sports would be even more appreciated.

At present, the smartwatch market is ruled by Apple with a whopping 40% of the sales in the fourth quarter of 2020. The iPhone maker is followed by many small players in the industry which combined together account for nearly 36%. After which comes Samsung with a meagre 10% of the market share, however, it continues to be the only smartwatch maker loved by people apart from Apple. The Chinese company Huawei follows Samsung with 8% of the market share and Imoo takes 6% of the smartwatch market share.

Apple could increase the sales of its smartwatches by introducing a new rugged version. The company is expected to do so in 2022.


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