Apple rumors point to 7K resolution display


A new, higher resolution Apple display is reportedly in the works, according to several rumors.

Apple Rumors

A new 7K display, dubbed ‘Apple Studio Display’ is currently in development, but it’s not clear whether it will replace the current Pro Display XDR or will be marketed as a new standalone display. It’s believed that the 7K display will have an Apple Silicon chip, and that the device’s launch or reveal date is not expected anytime soon.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman mentioned before that Apple might be working on an external display, which will have a lower contrast ratio, brightness and price tag. The product might be different from the ‘Apple Studio Display’ as it’s categorized in the same lineup as the Pro Display XDR.

The Pro Display XDR was released in December 2019 with a price tag of $4,999, along with a $999 optional stand. The 32-inch display touts a million to one contrast ratio 10-bit depth, peak brightness of 1,600 nits and 6K resolution.

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