Apple Savings account was announced in October 2022, with a promise that it would launch ‘in the coming months’. However, there are signs that it could be soon introduced to the public.

Apple Savings

A small Apple Card ‘terms and conditions’ update revealed that Apple might be launching Apple Savings soon. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg shared evidence on social media platform Twitter, saying how there were some changed items to address the service’s existence.

First, the ‘Savings’ definition had a clause, which meant the ‘savings account provided by us (Apple) that can be accessed through Apple Wallet’. In another, Apple describes how users can choose to have their Daily Cash through Apple Cash card or their Savings account.

Updated legal documents can mean that the Cupertino-based company is planning to launch the Apple Savings feature soon. iOS betas already have it referenced and ready to implement, but there’s no exact date yet on when it will happen.


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