Apple savings withdrawal get automated fraud protection

Apple Card Savings withdrawals are now faster thanks to newly installed automated fraud detection systems.

Customer complaints about delayed withdrawals from their Apple Savings accounts have made their rounds on the internet after the service launched. Apparently, large withdrawals were flagged and had to be manually inspected in order to be released. The Information reports that Goldman Sachs has largely resolved the issue using automated systems that allow small volumes of money to flow to outside accounts.

Apple Savings Withdrawal

Goldman Sachs further claimed that the number of days a transaction would take has been reduced, with options to speak with the consumer if there were concerns rather than giving them the cold shoulder. A customer service representative has been quoted that transfers should not take months or weeks, and if there are flags then the institution is cautious of new or unauthorized users.

The partnership between Apple and Goldman Sachs is currently tumultuous, with the bank on the verge of an exit.