The latest beta version of macOS 12.3 comes with a warning to macOS Catalina users to not install it if they have a separate APFS volume with an enabled FileVault.

macOS 12.3 Beta

The same warning applies to the macOS 11.6.4 beta- having it done can activate a boot loop issue whenever the user tries to go back to the previous volume. Mac users can potentially install the operating system on a separate volume and switch back and forth as needed. However, for beta versions it’s not recommended as it can cause problems, such as the aforementioned boot loop issue.

Apple has seeded the macOS 12.3 beta this week, and with it comes features such as new emojis, OneDrive and Dropbox kernel extension changes, the removal of Python 2.7, Universal Control and more. Universal Control is an exciting addition as it allows two or more Macs or iPads to be controlled with just one cursor and keyboard.


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