Apple has reminded the US Senate Judiciary Committee in a letter that the act of sideloading can lead to them getting scammed or their devices getting ransomware and malware.


The Senate Judiciary Committee is preparing several bills, called ‘American Innovation and Choice Online Act’ and ‘Open Markets Act’, which if passed will allow device users to sideload content and apps without having to go through the App Store. Apple responded via letter, detailing how this would bypass security and privacy measures the Cupertino-based company has placed.

Apple says that the move will ‘hurt competition and discourage innovation’ and make it more difficult to protect the security and privacy of devices in the US. Consumers would be put in harm’s way as security breaches are more likely to occur, and enable scammers and predators to side-step Apple’s security and protective measures.

Currently, both bills are under consideration with Apple saying they’re willing to address competition concerns.


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