Apple Security Research platform launches

Apple recently launched a new website dedicated to improving security research reporting.

Apple Security Research is now open and available to tech engineers, analysts, and developers. The site offers real-time updates, reporting tools, and a way to communicate with Apple engineers. The platform also houses the Apple Security Bounty program, where users can get cash bounties for security exploits found in Apple’s ecosystem.

Apple Security Research

Apple Security Research is also home to Apple security advancements, delivered by the engineering teams at Apple. The first post talks about XNU memory safety. In addition, the Cupertino-based company shared how it made progress with its bounty program, paying nearly $20 million to researchers. Specifically, Apple has paid out 20 ‘bounties’ of more than $100,000 for issues that have a significant impact.

Applications for next year’s Apple Security Research Device Program are now open until November 30, 2022. Qualified individuals will be getting special iPhones to make bug-hunting easier.