Apple sees strong growth in India, says CEO Tim Cook during quarterly earnings call


Apple has recorded strong sales of its products in India in the third fiscal quarter of 2021. The company released its report for the same quarter on Wednesday. Compared to the same quarter previous year, the revenue generated is 36 percent higher.

Apple sees strong growth in India, says CEO Tim Cook during quarterly earnings call

At the company’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the sales of its products are seeing double digit growth in India. He also talked about the iPhone SE which is the cheapest iPhone at $399 (USD) which has allowed more people to enter the Apple ecosystem.

“Today, Apple is reporting a very strong quarter with double digit revenue growth across our product and services categories and in every geographic segment. We set a new June quarter revenue record of $81.4 billion, up 36% from last year, and the vast majority of markets we tracked grew double digits, with especially strong growth in emerging markets, including India, Latin America and Vietnam,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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Over the years, Apple has begun to diversify its iPhone line-up to make it accessible to more and more people. While the company is now making budget oriented iPhones, it is also making super expensive iPhone models such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max which start at $1,099. Be it a professional user or a casual user, almost every price segment has an iPhone except for the under $200 which continues to be the most popular in markets like India.

“And keep in mind, we still do have SE in the line. We launched it a year ago, but it’s still in the line today and is sort of our entry price point. And so I’m pleased with how all of them are doing and I think we need sort of that range of price points to accommodate the types of people that we want to accommodate,” Cook added.

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