Apple shares Chinese New Year-themed short story ‘Through the Five Passes’

Apple has recently uploaded a new Shot on iPhone 14 Pro video to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

‘Chinese New Year – Through the Five Passes’ is 18 minutes in length and shows the reinvention of the Chinese Opera. ‘Through the Five Passes’ is a story about a man and his passion for opera. The story and the man’s persistence ‘reminds us all of what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles’.

Chinese New Year-Themed

In line with the video, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted the short film on Weibo to make the Chinese New Year, which takes place on January 22. As a company, Apple released a limited edition ‘Year of the Rabbit’ AirPods Pro with a Year of the Rabbit engraving on the charging case. The box the AirPods Pro comes with sports the same image in red print.

‘Chinese New Year – Through the Five Passes’ is available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel.