Apple Shares iMessage Encryption Feature In Humorous Video

The brilliancy of Apple ads never ceases to amaze, especially when it comes to driving the point home on newer iPhone features.

Apple has uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel, which focuses in on a privacy feature regarding end-to-end encryption for their iMessage app.

Privacy on iPhone Video by Apple

The video shows a woman getting her nails done at a salon. From time to time, she’s getting messages on her iPhone and laughing at them. The video viewer never gets to see the messages on the woman’s screen, which is exactly what the encryption feature is all about.

At the end, Apple puts up a tagline that expresses how the iPhone doesn’t reveal your conversations to the public, and that not all people need to be in the joke.

This is the latest video that Apple has shared in line with privacy-focused content. Previous videos include one about Safari’s ad tracking prevention and the other revolving around privacy.

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