Apple shares new ‘Apple at Work’ video


Apple recently uploaded a new video to its ‘Apple at Work’ series to show how its product helps small business enterprises.

Apple at Work

The video, titled ‘Escape from the Office’ is about nine minutes long and tells the story of how four individuals collaborated to create a round box. Throughout the ad are Apple products, apps and services, particularly business-related platforms to achieve the seemingly impossible project, named Pandora’s Box.

In addition, Apple has updated its Business page to feature Apple Business Essentials integration, where small businesses can rely on onboarding, privacy options and backups using Apple tools. The site also shows entrepreneurs how their business needs can be met and fulfilled using the Cupertino-based company’s software and hardware.

‘Escape from the Office’ is available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Apple Business Essentials beta is open for those who want to try it, and it officially launches Spring this year.

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