Apple should refresh the design of the iMac


The current design of the iMac was released in 2009, making it more than ten years old. There is one difference though, the body of the current generation iMac is much thinner compared to the 2009 model. Apart from that, there is basically no other change in the design and when looked at from the front, both the machine look totally identical.

Apple should refresh the design of the iMac

The iMac is an extremely good machine, first because it’s an All In One (AIO) machine, the design and construction of the body is top notch, the internals and the fabulous macOS. No other machine on the market can match the iMac; there is no Windows or Linux based All In One (AIO) which comes even a little close to the iMac.

The saying goes “if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That is exactly the case with the iMac, why change any aspect of the machine if its an extremely good machine? Well, for innovation’s sake. It would make sense at-least if Apple was charging less money for the machine as there is nothing new with the exterior. The company very likely did not have to put any money in the design of the iMacs from 2010-2019 except of course for packaging the internals properly.

It is essential that Apple refresh the design of the iMac or at least make subtle changes to the design of the machine. It could start by cutting down those huge bezels around the display, especially the huge bottom chin. The company could very well remove the huge chin and rather put a mini Apple logo on the bottom and have a symmetrical bezel all around the display.

The iMac is a great machine, of course the base model is very expensive for the performance it offers but apart from that the iMac and the iMac Pro lines are very good.

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