Apple Shows Off iPhone XR’s Impressive Battery Life in New Ad [Video]

Apple has recently shared its newest ad for the iPhone XR, touting the model’s long-lasting battery life. The new ad on the company’s YouTube channel, entitled “Up Late” emphasizes the fact that the iPhone XR has the longest battery life among all iPhone devices.

iPhone XR Battery Life Video

In the video, the viewer shows all kinds of people nodding off while on their iPhone. There’s a parking attendant streaming a football game, a woman playing a game and a dad who’s viewing a baby monitor. In the end, the tagline “You’ll lose power before your iPhone XR will” is displayed, emphasizing the XR’s hefty hardware.

The 30-second ad plays Julie Andrews’ “Stay Awake” soundtrack taken from the Mary Poppins movie.

The iPhone XR is cheaper than the XS and Max model but it has the longest runtime of any iPhone, thanks to the 6.1-inch display and LCD screens that are more power efficient than OLEDs.

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