Apple Shows Off The New Modular Mac Pro During The 2019 WWDC

Apple has revealed a Mac Pro with modular technology today, featuring a cheese grater design and easy-access features.

Within the stainless steel handles are internal components that can be mounted to the frame in a 360 view. Along with the new Mac Pro comes impressive hardware numbers, some of which are listed below.

New Mac Pro 2019
  • The Afterburner graphics card for video editing that boasts 6 billion pixels processing per second and can simultaneously stream 3 8K videos and 12 4K videos.
  • An Intel Xeon processor that can be upgraded to 28 cores.
  • RAM that can be upgraded to 1.5 terabytes.
  • 300W of unconstrained power.
  • Brand-new Logic with emphasis on performance.

Other notables include 2-GPU capability via Infinity Fabric Link, multiple GPU options as with the Radeon Pro Vega II, an Apple-designed PCIe connector, a half-length slot with 2 USB A, 2 10GB ethernet, 2 TB3 ports and an audio jack, 8 PCI slots and 12 DIMM slots at 2933 MHz ECC memory.

Apple touts that the new Mac Pro is the most powerful and expandable Mac ever created. Several variants and setup are offered- for example, a 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 8-Core processor Mac Pro is priced at $5,999.