Apple shuts down 7 stores Amid COVID-19 outbreak

Apple has shut down operations temporarily on seven different Apple Store locations in light of the recent corona virus outbreak in the areas.

The seven stores are located in Canada and the US, particularly the ones in Sainte-Catherine in Montreal, Pheasant Lane in Nashua, Summit Mall in Akron, Highland Village in Houston, Lenox Square in Atlanta, The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach and the Dadeland in Miami.

Bloomberg says Apple is known to shut down stores when around 10 percent of the staff contract COVID-19. Before the closure of the seven shops, Apple closed off three and reinstated the mask-wearing requirement when going inside a store.

Before this, Apple relaxed its mask-wearing policy and said it was due to increased vaccination and falling COVID-19 cases in the country.

Since 2021, Apple has not completely closed its retail operations, but chose instead to close individual Apple Stores depending on current conditions.

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