Apple shuts down Apple Stores in France following lockdown

France is currently having its third lockdown to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. In response, Apple has decided to close all its Apple Stores in the region.

Around the world Apple Stores have slowly been re-opening and resuming normal hours. For its 20 stores in France the closure starts April 3 and there are no details as of when they will resume.

On the Apple Opera Paris website the notice simply says ‘We are temporarily closed’, and customers are redirected to the online platform for Genius Bar appointments and orders.

Apple Opera

Apple Store closures have been announced right after Paris declared a lockdown and closed off schools for 3 weeks minimum. Measures were implemented across the region in March but the authorities say that all non-essential shops are to be closed starting Saturday, April 3 of 2021.

Apple customers in France can continue shopping for products on the official Apple website.

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