Apple Silicon added to latest Spotify beta for Mac

Spotify recently rolled out a new beta build for the Mac and added M1 support.

Historically, the music streaming service has been slow in adopting new Apple APIs and features but with M1 they have been fairly quick. Other streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix have yet to support the M1 chip, which means Spotify is the first among them to build a new app for the Apple processor.

Spotify Beta for Mac

The beta build came from a community request. Spotify mentioned that the app is currently undergoing beta and invites users to test it out and provide feedback.

Spotify already has a web client on Mac, but native support means better controls and features. The streaming service is a direct competitor to the Apple Music service and often has updates to keep abreast of Apple’s offering. Both Spotify and Apple Music cost $9.99 monthly, but users can stream Spotify music for free albeit with ads.