Will Apple Silicon Macs be faster than Intel counterparts?

Apple has revealed that its hard at work to bring ARM powered Macs to the market this year. At the near end of the WWDC keynote, Tim Cook took the stage to announce the transition of the Mac from Intel chips to Apple Silicon (based on ARM architecture). He also added that the first batch of Macs powered by Apple Silicon will be unveiled before the end of 2020.

Well, its October and we’re closing in on the end of the year. A fresh leak from the famous Apple leakster Jon Prosser suggests that Apple is planning to hold an event on the 20th of November to showcase the new Mac hardware. During the brief time dedicated to Apple Silicon during the WWDC keynote, the company teased performance & efficiency gains the new chips will have over current Intel counterparts.


ARM chips are known for being power efficient; having mostly powered phones, tablets, and other accessories. Its also important to note that tablets and phones do not have fans for cooling as found on most laptops and desktops. The iPad Pro is the best example – it screams performance more than most laptops while not using any sort of fans for cooling.

Apple Silicon will enable Apple to create new form factor Macs that could ditch the fan to push the limit of thinness and lightness. The new machines could also require less power while using less power and at the same time, increasing battery life. It will be interesting to see whether the company will pack large batteries to push the boundaries of battery backup or focus on thinness.

Various Apple analysts have sort of confirmed that an event is being planned specifically to unveil new Mac hardware in the month of November. Jon Prosser goes onto suggest that November 17 could be the special date.