Apple Silicon puts the Mac under the spotlight once again


Apple neglected the Mac for a couple of years and the company apologized for doing so in 2017. From 2014 or so, the company started focusing more on the iPhone and the iPad, as they were the driving forces in terms of revenue and sales. The most hurt was the professional community of Mac users who were unable to purchase new hardware, as the company was not updating its lineup every year.

Apple Silicon puts the Mac under the spotlight once again

In 2017, the top brass of Apple called for a meeting with select journalists to say that the company was once again working to focus on the “Pro” community of users. The Mac Pro had not been updated since 2013, and the circular design of the machine was causing many issues such as less upgradability options and not a very accessible design.

Mac Pro (2019)

To make Mac great once again, Apple released the iMac Pro in 2017, as an intermediary before the release of a refreshed Mac Pro in 2019. The iMac Pro was an impressive machine and it sold pretty well in the market. Finally, in 2019, Apple was ready to release an all-specced version of the Mac Pro and it was appreciated by all professional users.

M-series chips are set to revolutionise the Mac

However, the best days of Mac are yet to come. The Apple Silicon revolution which started last year with the release of the M1 chip last year is pushing the Mac towards new heights. At the moment, the M-series chips only power the low to mid power Mac computers, however, upcoming ‘Pro’ Macs are expected to release with massively powerful chips. 

For now, to sweeten the deal, Apple has reduced the price of its extended warranty for select M1 powered Mac computers. The M1 MacBook Air and the M1 MacBook Pro are some of the best laptops on the market now. The MacBook Air is particularly the best all-around laptop given the price tag and the all over good package it offers.

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