Apple Silicon Macs get GeForce Now support


Game streaming service GeForce Now has been recently updated to include support for Apple Silicon Macs, which means both M1-based and Intel units should be able to run it without any issues.

Apple Silicon Macs

GeForce Now allows MacBook and Mac users to play Windows games without having to run an emulator, upgrading their hardware or use Boot Camp. The service uses the cloud to stream the videogame directly on the user’s computer.

GeForce Now’s 2.0.27 update covers several more updates including Chrome beta support and playing without having to install an app, among others. Machines such as the MacBook Air, 13 inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini can directly install and run the GeForce Now client without having to go through a browser.

GeForce Now software support has been steadily growing. In November last year the cloud gaming reached iPadOS and iOS Safari and bypassed App Store restrictions. ARM-based versions are yet to be supported, however.

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