Apple supported smart home alliance launches new standard


In 2019, Apple joined the Zigbee Alliance which works to promote the working of smart home devices across multiple platforms without any problems. The alliance is also supported by the likes of Amazon and Google – two (other) behemoths who control a major chunk of the smart home devices industry.

Apple supported smart home alliance launches new standard

As part of the alliance, new devices certified by this specific alliance are set to hit the stores later this year. Also, the Zigbee Alliance is now known as the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). The alliance had previously announced the Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) which has also been renamed as ‘Matter’.

Helps bridge the gap between ecosystems

“As these different devices become more complex networks, it’s all the more important that they’re all talking the same language,” said Tobin Richardson, chief executive of Matter. “That mark will be a helping hand to make sure that you can add whatever lightbulbs, whatever door locks, whatever you want to add.”

According to Richardson, all devices certified by the alliance will have a logo as an identification mark. The logo will mean that the specific device will work with all ecosystems created by Apple, Google, and Amazon. 

“Matter can be used to bridge together the many different systems people have in their homes today,” said Chris DeCenzo, a smart home engineering leader at Amazon.

The proliferation of connected objects continues to change the way we live, work and play. From homes to offices, factories to hospitals, connected objects enable us to experience our environments in cohesive, interactive ways. Yet, for too long, disconnected platforms and disparate development paths have caused confusion for consumers and complicated processes for developers and innovators. Smart objects should be reliable, secure, and work together – this is the shared vision behind Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), now known as the new standard, Matter.


Abhay Ram

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