Apple snubs Big Tech AI safety initiative

Google recently announced an AI consortium that aims for AI best practices and responsible development.

The group, formed by Google, Microsoft, Anthropic, and OpenAI. Make up the Frontier Model Forum, which is labeled as a ‘new industry body’ that works to ensure responsible development and safety of AI models. The consortium further says that they will draw operational and technical expertise to help the AI ecosystem and develop a ‘public library of solutions’ that will support industry standards and best practices.


Apple had been noticeably absent from these initiatives- the Cupertino-based company did not reply to an AI safety initiative set by the White House, and now the Frontier Model Forum. It remains to be seen what Apple’s reasons are. However, it’s not clear whether Apple was invited to be part of the group, but the two projects are believed to affect the entire industry.

It’s worth noting that Apple continues to be a member of The Partnership on AI, which was formed in 2016.