Dear Apple, stop packing 128GB of storage on MacBooks


It’s the digital age. It’s the post PC era. But the MacBooks still have 128GB of storage on the base model. What is 128GB sufficient for when the macOS takes around 30GB of storage and applications take up some more?


Of course, as we move forward, people in the future will be using the cloud more and more. Meaning people will store most of their data on the cloud and not on their devices locally. However, we have not reached that stage as of yet and storage is a crucial component of a machine.

Premium price = Premium storage

Having low storage leads to a computer turning unresponsive as it gets confused as to where to store new things. For example, if there is no space left and the web browser is trying to store some data such as cache, download files, login info, etc; the device could freeze for a good amount of time before turning normal.

It’s the same thing with Windows or any other operating system (OS) for that matter. However, Apple charges $1000+ for its laptops and it’s not easy to upgrade Mac laptops, so it makes sense for the company to start offering its laptop with 256GB or 5125GB of SSD.

SSD is expensive compared to HDD but as more and more people prefer SSD and with usage increasing, the price of SSD has come down. It’s time for Apple to make some changes to the pricing of SSD upgrade configurations and also start offering better configurations for lower price points.

The base model of the 13” MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air should pack a minimum of 256GB of storage to let users use the laptop without any storage problems in the future. Also, applications take up a lot of space these days. For example, Adobe Suite of app take up humongous amount of space.


Abhay Ram

Abhay Ram is a News Editor at iLounge. He has been writing about the Apple ecosystem and accessories since 2010. Abhay's work has been featured in various publications. When he's not writing about all things Apple, you can find him playing video games or enjoying a good cup of coffee.