Apple has officially ended the option to downgrade to iOS 14.4.1 after the release of iOS 14.4.2. iPhone users will not be able to go back once they’ve updated to iOS 14.4.2.

Apple Stops iOS 14.4.1 Signing

The Cupertino-based company fixed a critical vulnerability bug in iOS 14.4.2, specifically the WebKit issue where a website can activate cross-site scripting. Before this, iOS 14.4.1 was released to fix another WebKit issue. Two point updates were dedicated to fixing WebKit vulnerabilities.

Downgrading is fairly common to users with jailbroken iPhones or iPads. Those who experience glitches and problems after iOS 14.4.2 will have to wait for a newer patch. Apple stops signing older operating systems to boost adaptation and ensure all Apple devices are secure and have access to the latest additions and features.

It’s likely that the next iOS release is 14.5, which is under public beta testing. iOS 14.5 is expected to be available to the public this month.


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