Apple Store employees in Australia hold a protest

Apple Store workers and union members in Australia have gone on a strike and demand change in pay and conditions.

RAFFWU, or Retail and Fast Food Workers Union members left their posts on December 23, 3 pm local time and intend to sit it out until Christmas Eve, which is considered a peak season for Apple shoppers.

Apple Store Employees

Reuters says that the dispute is in regard to a 2014 agreement where Apple employees are denied several perks, such as set work days, 12-hour shift breaks, overtime rates, set rosters, consecutive days off, and weekends.

A RAFFWU representative said that the 2014 agreement ‘pushed workers below the legal minimum’, and that they’re calling for a change. This incident is only the second-ever national strike in Australian retail history. Coincidentally, the first involves Apple workers too, who took to the streets in October this year.

Apple has not yet commented on the matter.