Apple Store in Scotland experience battery fire


An Apple Store called in a fire department over concerns of a ‘smoking battery’.

Apple Store in Scotland

The SFRS, or Scottish Fire and Rescue Service were recently called in over concerns that a battery might explode or catch fire at the Apple Braehead in Scotland on February 8. Glasgow Times reported that four fire engines were sent to respond to a possible fire at the Braehead Shopping Center; however, the situation was contained and fortunately, no one was hurt.

The smoking battery was discovered when alarms were tripped. The firefighters arrived promptly to the scene to see what the matter was- a possible malfunction which required delicate work. The crew then utilized a sand bucket to smother the smoke and bring the device to an inert state.

It has not been mentioned which device the battery came from, or if it’s from the store, an employee or a customer. There was also no mention of how it occurred.

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