Apple Store Portland set to reopen February 22

Apple will be opening its store in Portland come February 22, nine months after it was closed due to rioting.

The retail store will serve the function of selling iPhones and other Apple products. Portland Apple Store was affected by the vandalism and looting that followed when George Floyd was killed.

Apple Store

Apple has announced that the Portland Apple Store will be opening its doors for the 1st time after being closed on May 29, 2020. Opening hours are yet to be determined, with no updates showing on the official store website.

The location has yet to have repairs done on the storefront. Apple Store Portland had its facade ruined just a year after Apple decided to go with a major renovation. It’s not clear if the renovation work will change the store’s theme at the moment.

Apple has donated the Black Lives Matter mural, created on June 1 by Emma Berger to Don’t Shoot PDX, a non-profit organization.