Apple Store redesign encourage subscription services


Apple Stores around the world have been steadily focusing on Apple subscription services. Inside, signs that highlight several of Apple’s services, such as Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple Music are prominently displayed.

Apple Store

Recently, Apple Fitness+ joined the fray, and the retail experience has transformed into rich content divided into services. These act as ‘gateways’ that let Apple customers discover hardware such as the AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad and the iPhone.

An Apple Arcade display, for instance will have a short tutorial on how to get started and give visitors a QR code so they can get hands-on time. For the Apple Music, new albums and playlists prominently show an AirPods Max up front. High energy videos and workouts are shown on Apple Fitness+.

Currently, in-store events are not yet realized due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Apple has made a few collaborations between in-store programming and Apple services, including the iPad Poster Series and the Music Lab: Remix.

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