Apple plans to reopen its US stores early April

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and the technology sector is no different for the virus. As a result, Apple has had to shut down all of its stores worldwide except for China. The initial plan was to re-open the stores as soon as the situation improves but the near future looks bleak.

Apple had planned to re-open some of its stores on the 27th of March but with the coronavirus still spreading at a rapid pace, the company has announced that its plans to extend the closure “until further notice”.

This is the Apple Store in Downtime Toronto, Canada.

If the conditions improve

The plan right now appears to be targeting an early April re-opening; of course, if the world health condition improves. In the US, Apple could open some of its stores in the beginning and slowly reopen every few days.

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The situation was very similar in China, a month ago. Apple had to shut down all of its stores in the country due to the widespread coronavirus pandemic. However, almost after a month in closure, the stores reopened as the situation of the country improved immensely.

Apple has 42 stores in China and after a month long closure, all stores are now fully open and operational. Similarly, Donald Trump, President of the United States of America has announced that the plan is to resume business operation by April 12 – Easter.festival.

The people of Apple Park campus have been asked to work from home. The company started changing its work style starting early March. All Apple offices outside of China are working on implementing a flexible virtual work environment.

Apple’s chief of retail operations and chief of people O’Brien reported that the company will be extending its “work from home” policies till 5th of April. Of course, the schedule could very well as the company continues to evaluate its options every week.