Apple showcased its first store located in the Mitte borough of Berlin – Apple Rosenthaler Straße. The location of the store is the eastern side of the capital city. The introduction of the store will allow people living in the capital city to have easy access to Apple devices. 

Apple opens Rosenthaler Staße store in Berlin

The iPhone maker says that people living near to the new Apple store will provide skill development through its various activities. The company also says that creative people can take their experience to the “next level”. The timing of the opening of the store falls right close to holiday season – providing physical store experience to the people of the area. 

Today at Apple creative sessions

“We’re excited to open our second store in Berlin, right in the heart of Mitte,” said Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People Deirdre O’Brien. “Blending Apple’s exceptional technology and tools with the creative passion we share with this community gives us the opportunity to create something really special for our customers in Germany.”

The ‘Today at Apple’ sessions will be an opening for creatives. The company plans to invite artists from Berlin to host their activities. The illustrator collective ‘Parallel Universe’ will be invited to the sessions at Apple Rosenthaler Straße store. All of the artists will showcase their drawing skills live on the iPad Pro. 

Apple opens Rosenthaler Staße store in Berlin

Apple will also work closely with nonprofits (local) and communities to connect with young people living near the new store. The customers or the people looking to enhance their creative skills will get to meet and interact with artists from across Berlin. 

The Cupertino based company Apple continues to expand its operations across the globe. While online sales have skyrocketed, the company continues to add more physical stores to provide ‘actual’ live experience to potential customers and people of the Apple family. The new store will run 100 percent renewable energy.


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