Apple Store opens in SoNo Collection mall

Apple has opened a new store in South Norwalk, Connecticut. It is inside the relatively new SoNo Connection mall which opened in October 2019. The new store replaces the store which was in the Stamford Town Center which is very near to the new location of the Apple Store in the area.

It has been reported that the opening of the new store saw a bustling crowd. Apple fans made their way to the store to attend Apple’s “Today at Apple” session. Inside the SoNo Collection mall, the new Apple Store can be found on the north end of the mall’s “entry floor”.

Apple Store opens in SoNo Collection mall

The store is very near to the Nordstrom store and the Lillian August store. It has also been reported that the Apple Store will be visible from all three floors of the mall. The SoNo Collection Apple store is a typical Apple store following the usual style of Apple stores with an entrance made up of quartz frames. The store has four rows with three columns of tables and the usual Apple styled large display for playing promotional content (videos).

On the opening day of the SoNo Collection Apple store, creative sessions were held such as Quick Tips, a Garageband session named Music Lab: Remix Khalid. The previous store on Stamford closed on February 12th and its layout did not allow for sessions to be held immersively.

Connecticut has no lack of Apple stores – it has seven Apple stores. Out of all the stores in Connecticut, the SoNo Collection Apple store is the third store to have the layout for the immersive-new “Today at Apple” sessions. The redesigned Apple store in Danbury Fair Mall also follows the layout for “Today at Apple”.

Other Apple stores in Trumbull, South Windsor, New Haven, and Greenwich are in line for some sprucing up.