Apple Store workers in St. Louis halts unionization efforts amid threats

Apple Store employees in St. Louis have been moving towards unionization, but it was halted over concerns of ‘increased hostility’.

Apple workers chose the IAM, or International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers as their representation towards a unionization bid.

Apple Store

However, the IAM claimed that the store required its employees to attend an audience meeting and threatened reprisal if they went ahead with their plan. It’s not said whether the store in question is Apple West County or Apple Saint Louis Galleria.

Bloomberg reported that the 82-strong employees have chosen to withdraw from the unionization process. The IAM said that it was due to increased hostility and anti-union practices, but then mentioned that their unionization efforts are not over.

The organization continues by saying that they will ensure ‘all labor laws are followed’ and that Apple workers ‘get the dignity and respect they deserve’.

Currently, two Apple Stores have unionized- Apple Store in Maryland and the other in Oklahoma.