Apple reopens some of its stores in China


The Cupertino based tech company Apple closed many of its stores across China after the news of Coronavirus broke. The company also shut its manufacturing and assembly plants for a few days. However, it appears now that the company has reopened its stores across China.

Apple Stores in China Closed Due to Coronavirus

The stores in China were supposed to reopen long ago but Apple had extended the closure due to the new information found related to coronavirus. The company has reopened ten of its stores in China; the company had closed its stores in the beginning of February.

The Apple stores across China that opened on 19th of February are-


Apple Pearl River New City

Apple Sky Plaza


Apple Dalian Hang Lung Plaza

Apple Centennial City


Apple Qingdao Vientiane City


Apple Hong Kong Plaza

Apple Nanjing East Road

Apple Pudong


Apple Chengdu Vientiane City

Apple Chengdu Taikoo Li

The list of the stores that opened on the 19th of February were displayed on Apple store website. The stores mentioned above began operating in the business hours of 19th February.

Apple’s Qingdao store was the first Apple store that was shut down after the coronavirus news broke. It will however be up and running as mentioned above. All the stores that Apple has reopened will be operational between 11 AM (or 12 noon in some cases) to 6:00 PM. For specific details of a store in particular, you can check out the store on Apple’s website.

It’s good to see that Apple is reopening some of its stores across China. However, it’s unclear when other stores will reopen as the company has not made any comments in regards to that. 

Also, customers entering the Beijing Apple store were asked to wear masks and also their temperature was checked. We expect similar practices to be used in other stores as well.

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