Apple Stores now carry Home Key supported Level Lock+

Retail Apple locations now have smart locks, particularly the Level Lock+ hardware that supports HomeKit technology.

Currently, there are only a few devices that support Apple’s Home Key, but they are now curated and prominently displayed in Apple Stores. Level is a manufacturer that makes smart home accessories, and its newest smart lock, the Lock+ is now available to purchase.

Level Lock+

The Lock+ system is an upgrade from its predecessor Lock-Touch model. Users can unlock their doors using NFC connectivity and by bringing their devices in close proximity to the smart lock.

Lock+ also has Express Mode, which allows users to hold their Apple Watch or iPhone to unlock, as well as prompting for password and Face ID for extra security.

The Lock+ smart system has a $329.95 price tag and is exclusive to Apple Stores at the moment. may have the smart locks in stock beginning October 21 alongside the new matte black edition.