Apple started temporarily shuttering its stores in the United States last year due to the growing coronavirus cases. The company had planned to reopen its stores in a couple of weeks but because the situation continued to worsen, only few stores reopened. After nearly a year, the company has finally reopened all its stores in the US.

Apple Stores

During 2020, Apple closed and  reopened its stores, several times as the situation was improving at times but then quickly deteriorated as well. So, last year, Apple stores went through several phases of being open and closed several times. The company did continue to sell all its products through the online mode, all buyers were able to purchase devices and have them delivered to their homes without any problems.

270 stores are now functional

The popular Apple blog, 9To5Mac reports that all the 270 Apple stores in the United States are now open. The report continues to add that while they may not be working in the same fashion as pre-covid, all stores are functional in some capacity. Some of the Apple stores allow people to shop freely – use the demo devices – whereas some stores only act as Express stores. The Express stores act as quick device pickup stores to reduce people spending more time in confined spaces.

People are suggested to check the Apple store on the company’s website to know whether it allows for in-store shopping or just pickup. The Apple Store app can be used to book one-on-one sessions if required. It will be better to check online beforehand because some Apple stores are reportedly denying direct walk-ins. 

Apple continues to enforce strict safety precautions, such as requiring customers to wear masks and limited occupancy at times, in the fight against covid-19. The company recently opened its Texas stores in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.


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