Apple Stores retain mask mandate

Apple has not eased up on its anti COVID 19 measures as other retail shops did. The Cupertino-based company expects shoppers to be wearing face masks when going in Apple Stores in the US.

Apple Store employees were informed that they were to maintain the face mask protocol. Other major retailers such as Costco, Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club and Walmart recently relaxed their protocols and allowed customers to come in and shop without masks.

Apple Stores

Apple Stores will continue to conduct temperature checks for both employees and customers, as well as wearing face masks. Other measures in place include health screening, occupancy restrictions, social distancing and regular product cleaning.

Apple has eased up on several store aspects, such as allowing customers to try on a pair of AirPods starting March this year. However, the company says that it’s continuing to observe the pandemic situation and regularly evaluate safety and health procedures.