Apple’s streaming service may have content from HBO, Showtime, and Starz


Apple is scheduled to unveil its video streaming service on the 25th of March, presuming from the reports that have leaked till date. The company has been hard at work creating its own content but none of it may be ready at launch. So, a fresh report suggests that, the company could very well be partnering with HBO, Showtime, and Starz to add their content to its service.

Can Apple revolutionize the video streaming industry?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that, Apple is currently in talks with the three major networks. According to the report, the networks are discussing about the kind of experience Apple plans to offers and also about its marketing strategies. The final decision could be made by Friday of this week.

On the other hand, it’s been pretty much confirmed that Netflix and Hulu have decided to stay away from Apple’s video streaming service. HBO does run its own streaming service but it appears that it could be ready to put its content on Apple’s as well.


Netflix and couch are best friends

It would actually be nice to have a single streaming service have all the content from HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Hulu, etc. it may never happen but if I’m betting, Apple’s the only one that could actually make it happen considering its sheer size and power.

Detailing the app, Bloomberg reports that, the service will be accessible from inside the TV app on iOS and Apple TV. But will Apple release the same on Android and major TV platforms like Android TV, Smart TV, LG’s webOS, etc is the big question? Netflix is the biggest player in the streaming industry because of its reach and Apple has to pull something similar to be part of the game.


Steven Spielberg is working on an anthology series for Apple

The Apple event is taking place at the Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Campus 2 (which looks like a spaceship). Big players of the Hollywood who have partnered with Apple to create original content for its service are likely to attend the event.


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