Apple reports strong AirPods Pro sales


Apple has recovered from the slump in iPhone sales which haunted the company last year. The company posted an extremely positive report which even shocked Wall Street. Much of the credit goes to Apple’s ever growing wearables segment and services segment.

AirPods Pro

The recently launched AirPods Pro helped the company improve its wearables business by 37%. It’s also important to note that the wearables segment also includes the iPod and smartwatches.

When Apple launched the AirPods Pro, the company’s CEO Tim Cook said,“AirPods just keep hitting new highs. And I anticipate that will carry over to this quarter, too. And we’re really proud to to add another product out there for people wanting noise canceling with the AirPod Pro beginning to sell today.”

Cook added, “We’re anxious to see the customers for the new AirPod Pro. But I would guess that one, particularly in the early going, will be people that have AirPods today and want to also have a pair for the times they need noise cancellation.”

The AirPods Pro launched for $249 which makes them expensive but that did not affect sales in any manner. The wireless earphones come with silicone ear tips which help the earphones stay in ear and also features the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature.

Apple also continues to sell the regular AirPods for $159 which is much more appealing to the masses. The company also sells the wireless charging supported version for $199. The future is wireless and it looks like people are ready as much as they can to get into the game.

People do not want to compromise on quality and Apple’s wireless earphones are the most reliable and easy to use. The wearables helped Apple have a great 2019 after a disappointing year. The rumour mill already suggests that the company is working on Apple AR glasses to keep the wearables segment be growing.

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