Apple submits Face ID patent for iMac and MacBook Pro

Face ID may be coming soon to the iMac and MacBook Pro as evidenced by a patent that was recently submitted by Apple.

The patent, titled ‘Light Recognition Module for Determining a User of a Computing Device’, was given a grant and focuses on the addition of Face ID for MacBooks. Apple changed the terms slightly and said it’s a light recognition module that applies to a laptop.

Face ID Patent

The patent begins with the premise that users have sensitive information saved on their devices, and that a laptop’s capabilities equal more complex work. Apple then inserts the hook- in order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the devices, it will have mechanisms and systems for authentication.

The answer, Apple says, is a ‘light pattern recognition module’ which is similar to Face ID integrated into a MacBook. The module can be put in a partition, e.g., a notch, an ellipse, or circle for aesthetic and streamlined purposes.