Apple submits ‘Revolutionary Car Audio’ patent for Apple Car

Apple’s latest patents build on the idea of a new stereo system.

Most of the news we receive are about the design and construction of the Apple Car, but Apple has sent in not just one, but five patents for the vehicle’s audio system. One of them suggest that speakers could be added to a headrest that has tracking capabilities relative to the occupant’s head and ears. Another suggested that the speakers in a car door could sound differently whenever it’s close or open.

Apple Car

iPhone handoff capability is included as well, with Apple saying that the user could transfer audio content from their ‘portable electronic device’ into a vehicle for better audio output. Furthermore, ‘occupant-based audio control for enclosed environment’ suggests the best sound balance relative to the driver and passenger(s) location. Last but not least, ‘sound stage orientation for enclosed environments’ say that Spatial Audio could be introduced into the Apple Car system in the future.