Apple Suffers Setback After Engineer Exits 5G Foray


Apple’s venture into 5G technology has been delayed after one of its engineers departed the company.

Apple 5G

Ruben Caballero, the Apple representative who’s in charge of integrating 5G-ready modems, is also known for previous headlines such as the 2010 iPhone 4 Antennagate situation. The engineer has been on board for Apple since 2005 and has claims to hundreds of patents for wireless tech.

The mobile phone modem industry is currently experiencing drama as Apple has reached a settlement with semiconductor company Qualcomm, while Intel has announced that they will not proceed with their 5G modem plans, citing no profitability.

As it stands, Intel will continue supplying Apple with modems throughout the year. In 2020, Qualcomm is expected to take over the helm and be the sole provider of Apple’s 5G modem technology.

The tech giant has been making rapid expansions and bringing more people to its in-house modem development, but we won’t likely see the results of this endeavor for several more years.

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