Apple devices’ manufacturing partner Pegatron has reportedly leased half a million square feet of space in the Indian city Chennai. The space will be used to manufacture iPhones in the near future.

iPhone 12s

The Cupertino based company Apple has been assembling iPhones such as the iPhone SE, the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 for sometime now. The company has also previously assembled the iPhone 7 in the country previously; the discontinued model continues to sell in the country through online and offline retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Bajaj Electronics.

$150 million investment in Chennai

It’s unclear at the moment as to which iPhones will be manufactured or assembled at the new Pegatron site in Chennai. The manufacturing firm had previously charted out a plan of investing approximately $150 million in the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is a city in the state of Tamil Nadu (TN) in India.

Based on the information AppleInsider has been able to gather, the space will be used for “Apple-related” work. Pegatron refused to comment on the newly leased space near the city of Chennai.

Apple supplier leases space in Indian city Chennai

Apple’s partner Foxconn has already set-up an iPhone assembly plant in the state of Tamil Nadu. Pegatron setting up a new plant in the state will increase the number of iPhones being manufactured in India. At the moment, only low-cost iPhones are being assembled in India. However, it was reported last year that Apple is planning to assemble higher-end models of the iPhone 12 in India in the near future.

The pricing of iPhone 12 models in India is not on par with the pricing in other markets across the globe. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a very expensive phone in India and if the company can manufacture or assemble the phone in India, the price could drop drastically. Previous efforts of Apple suggest that the company is serious about increasing sales of its product in the country.


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