Apple supplier partners up with medical device manufacturers to make non-invasive tech

Rockley Photonics has recently announced a partnership with two medical technology firms, which may lead to non-invasive biomarker sensors for the Apple Watch and similar devices in the future.

The press release didn’t mention which two medical device and equipment manufacturers are involved but Rockley mentioned that they will be evaluating and incorporating possible non-invasive technologies through several form factors. The technology will be used in devices to collect data from different areas of the user’s body for early disease detection and monitor health conditions.

Rockley further mentioned that initially the technology will be supplied first to hospitals and medical facilities, then applied to mobile devices to better monitor outpatients.

The said medtech manufacturers have over 200 years of combined history in the industry and represent $40B revenue in their market. Currently, the Apple partner is working on laser sensors that could be used to monitor glucose, lactate, alcohol, hydration, blood pressure and core body temperature.

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