Apple Support app now has cost estimates


Apple Support app cost estimates for particular repairs are available to view in certain locations.

Apple Support App

Apple today has updated its Support app for the iPad and iPhone, with a helpful feature telling users how much they can expect to pay for a particular repair.

In the update, tapping the device in ‘My Devices’ will reveal a ‘Repairs and Physical Damage’ section and features a drop-down menu. When a particular service is chosen, an estimate of the repair price comes up alongside the option to book a repair. For more advanced concerns such as ‘camera not working’ and liquid damage, the estimate won’t appear.

A new entry box also appears when a device is chosen, which allows the user to describe their situation in their own words. The app’s recent update full release notes are available to view by going to the App Store.

The Apple Support app is free and can be downloaded on the App Store.

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