Apple has recently teamed up with Redford Center for the 2021 Stories Challenge, an event where aspiring middle schoolers can showcase their talent and present a video about environmental and social justice.

Redford Center

The youth filmmaking challenge will use Apple’s Clips app, which will act as the platform for inspirations and ideas that develop a student’s storytelling capacity and confidence.

Lisa Jackson, Apple VP of social, policy and environmental initiatives says that Apple is thrilled with its partnership with Redford Center to give young people tools and lift up their voices to create content that inspires justice and real change around the globe.

The challenge will have prizes such as donations, Apple gift cards and the opportunity to collaborate with a pro on making a short film, among others. The event is now open to students who are eligible. Sign up is until March 31, 2021 and the winners will be announced on Earth Day, April 22.


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