Apple ‘Tech Talks’ venture for developers announced

Apple has recently introduced a new platform that allows developers to connect with Apple Experts.

Dubbed ‘Tech Talks 2021’, the venture puts out office hour appointments and live online sessions for developers who wish to connect with Apple Experts. Developers can attend these sessions for 1-on-1 meetings, get their questions answered or to explore technical content. Currently, ‘Tech Talks’ will be available in Tokyo, Israel, Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai, South Korea, Sao Paulo, London, California and India, and in multiple time zones.

Live sessions and office hour sessions are roughly 30 minutes long and provide details as to designs, app improvements, bug fixes and integrating the latest technologies in their apps.

Tech Talks 2021 is set to go live from October 25 to December 17 this year. Interested developers can sign up for online sessions or office hour requests as of today. Virtual sessions begin October 25 and office hours are set every two weeks.

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