Apple to donate in Europe flood relief efforts


Western Europe, particularly the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have been struck with a flooding disaster, with the waters claiming more than 100 lives and damaging bridges, roads, homes and other infrastructures. Currently, the missing is estimated to be at around 1,300 and numerous small villages have been affected.

Apple to Donate

Tim Cook, Apple CEO has responded to the calls of relief efforts and has taken to Twitter to announce his support. Cook has pledged that the company will be donating to support relief efforts in the affected regions today thru social media.

Flooding is unusual in the said regions, and most refer to global warming as the cause.

It’s not unusual for Apple to support relief efforts for natural disasters that occurred globally. The Cupertino-based company has recently pledged support for the wildfire that raged across California, and donated money to Texas organizations as the state struggled with freezing winter conditions February this year.

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